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What is the highest paying job in hospitality?

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Hospitality careers are extremely rewarding. For instance, they’re rich with new experiences and they require a wide range of skills. This allows you to really develop your skillset and build a fantastic CV.

But, like any job, a huge factor when people apply for the job is the money involved.

Our reporters have done some extensive research in the UK, into the sector. As a result, we have found some average salaries across the multiple job roles within the industry.

Hotel Manager

Salary Range: £19,000 – £45,000

Average Salary: £27,000

Hotel managers are the most responsible for the day to day running of the hotel that they work at. They are there to ensure that members of staff deliver the highest quality service to each and every guest that stays. Furthermore, they’ll deal with recruitment and managing department managers should that be roles they have within the company.

They are often up and about, making sure that every area within the hotel is running smoothly.

Events Manager

Salary Range: £21,000 – £50,000

Average Salary: £30,000

Many hotels now have the facilities to host conferences, meetings and other related events. As a result of that, an events manager is a commonly recruited job role within hotels. The job requires multiple skills but primarily organisation and the ability to work to a set budget. Furthermore, it is important to have good communication skills in order to deal with customers.

Also, sales experience can be a great skill to have should you be looking to get into events planning. You will often be required to pitch and close deals to ensure you generate business.

Restaurant Manager

Salary Range: £18,000 – £35,000

Average Salary: £22,500

Do you have a passion for food and drink?

Being a restaurant manager is an exciting job for those who have a passion for cooking. There is a lot more to it than working within the kitchen, though. They’re in charge of hiring new members of staff as well as putting the training into operation. In addition, they run the stock control and ensuring the budgets are being adhered to.

It can be a fast-paced environment for sure, but if cooking is something you have a soft spot for, it could be for you.

Housekeeping Manager

Salary Range: £18,000 – £35,000

Average Salary: £19,500

If you enjoy ensuring that your working environment is clean and tidy then this might be the role for you.

However, it does go a lot further than just that. For instance, you have to ensure your team are working to a rota. Moreover, you need to plan what rooms will be cleaned first, prioritising certain rooms dependant on check in times.

Customer service skills are essential as you are likely to bump into guests throughout the working hours.

Hotel Receptionist

Salary Range: £16,000 – £23,000

Average Salary: £17,500

Hotel receptionists are very much the face of the hotel. They are the first people that the guests see once arriving at the venue. The duties of a receptionist include checking people in and out, taking reservations and dealing with payments.

Further to that, they are also often hampered with a variety of queries that the guests may have during their stay.

How do I get into the hospitality industry?

The hospitality sector is renowned for offering great job progression schemes. A lot of the time, you don’t have to have a management degree. This is because they often promote staff to more senior roles as you gain experience.

Now that you know the top paying hospitality jobs to aim for, why not go ahead and get yourself into the ever-growing sector?


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