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Savoy hotel ‘shocked and appalled’ after seeing video showing security guard assaulting man

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The Savoy hotel has stated that it is “shocked and appalled” after security footage emerged showing a guard outside the hotel beating and kicking a man, as well as jumping on his head.

Describing the incident, the 267- bedroom hotel in London confirmed it had launched a very serious investigation into the event. The guard in the footage had been supplied as a third-party contractor and was not a direct employee of Savoy.

A spokesperson from the hotel said: “Yesterday we became aware of this utterly deplorable incident and immediately launched a comprehensive investigation. To date we have found that the report at the time of the incident neglected any detail of the seriousness of what happened. We have reported the incident to the police.

“The individual concerned is no longer associated with the hotel in any way. We are shocked and appalled by his actions and apologise to the individual and the public for what occurred.”

The hotel confirmed the individual was a third-party contractor but did not comment on whether they would continue to work with the company that supplied him. s

The footage is believed to have been filmed on 30 December last year.


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