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Quark Expeditions launch new Eclipse Voyages

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Quark Expeditions have announced that they are set to launch two new eclipse voyages in 2021.

It has been sixteen years since their first solar eclipse voyage in the Antarctica. Moreover, the voyage will reunite experts from the original cruise.

President of Quark Expeditions, Andrew White, said: “In the three decades that Quark Expeditions has been the leader in polar exploration, we’ve achieved a record breaking list of polar firsts, but one of the most memorable occurred in November 2003, when we provided 100 people, from 17 different nations, the experience of becoming the first-ever humans to witness a total solar eclipse from Antarctica,”

“In 2021, we are fortunate to be offering the same opportunity again and are thrilled to reunite some of the original eclipse team, while also welcoming new experts to enrich the guest experience,” he added.

From November the 26th to December the 12th in 2021, the World Explorer will be travelling to the Antarctic Peninsula and South Georgia. Prices will be starting from $16,995 for the seventeen day cruise.

The other voyage is the Ocean Diamond is scheduled to travel to the Falkland Islands as well as South Georgia and the Antarctic Peninsula.

The Ocean Diamond is a longer cruise, lasting twenty days. Prices are the same as the World Explorer, at $16,995.

Passengers aboard the voyages will receive specially made eyewear to allow them to see the eclipse at its very best.


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