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Pitlochry inbound for Premier Inn

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The Premier Inn hotel chain has released plans for an all-new 105 bedroom hotel in Pitlochry. It will undoubtedly bring multiple jobs to the beautiful town.

In turn, Premier Inn will be running a couple of public consultations within the next month. This is to allow residents of the area along with business owners to ask questions about anything related to the new project.

The idea is for a 105-room hotel to be launched west of the Bridge Road.

The developer company is none other than the highly reputable Riverstone Developments. It is them who are proposing a monumental investment in order to create a bespoke hotel. In addition, they aim to have an excellent restaurant as well as parking facilities. They hope to be able to provide a slightly different alternative to anything currently available within the area.

As a result of this new establishment, roughly 35 new jobs will be brought to the area.

Bosses at Riverstone Developments have had this project underway to some extent for a few months now, with style and setting been in discussion for a long while already in order to stay ahead of the game throughout the design and construction process of the project.

If all goes well and the project is given the go ahead, Pitlochry will become the 10th hotel from Premier Inn in Tayside and Fife, inevitably an ever-expanding hotel chain.