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Meet Beanberry Coffee

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Beanberry Coffee are opening a brand new coffee bar in Holborn this month.

The UK’s only speciality coffee roaster and retailer have announced that they will be launching a new site. This comes as a result of the success of its first bar in Kingston Upon Thames.

The brand sets out to combine delivering amazing taste with a significant passion for sustainability. For instance, the approach Beanberry takes values the importance from everything from cup quality to great taste.

Their latest bar will be located on High Holborn right in the heart of central London.

The Coffee

Beanberry Coffee offer a product line which comprised of three seasonal blends. Including Javascript Espresso, Wildcat Espresso and 8AM Blues. Further to these, a variety of origin coffee which is sourced from several companies such as Peru and Ethiopia.

Beanberry pride themselves upon providing fully organic coffee to their customers. They believe that their coffee is better for everyone because of their healthy approach. In addition, they directly aim to encourage sustainability and eco friendly farming.

They offer a large filter coffee menu containing five or six seasonal single origin coffees. Moreover, they also have their own organic coldbrew coffee which is served over ice or as a nitro.

On top of their wonderful coffee menu, they provide organic leaf teas, cold press juices and freshly baked cakes and pastries.


Beanberry wanted to create a luxurious venue and as a result, they used Hart Miller Design.

They were appointed to create a lovely interior featuring solid wood amongst other sustainable materials.

The venue hosts a coffee lounge area, a central coffee bar and a communal table. It is the perfect place for everyone, whether it a be a business meeting or a quick stop for a coffee.

Roasting Method

Beanberry roast in small batches at their own site in Surrey. They use the leading industry practices and recipe development in alignment with their companies character.

They have a commitment to ecological purity and maintaining a sustainable environment.

Beanberry pride themselves on delivering the ultimate coffee to their customers.

They roast their coffee using high quality traditional small batch roasters. As a result, this allows them to develop a consistent unique, speciality coffee.

Beanberry’s bag their coffee for freshness straight after roasting. Then, they ship it within five days of roasting to make sure it arrives at its peak flavour. When it arrives, they recommend that it is ‘settled’, left in its bag for about ten days in order to create the best flavour.

The new bar is open seven days a week; Monday to Friday, 7.00am until 7.00pm, Saturday, 8.00am until 7.00pm and Sunday from 8.00am until 6.00pm.


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