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IntercityHotel winners again of the Service Champions Gold Award

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Deutsche Hospitality’s IntercityHotel brand has yet again come out victorious and earned themselves the Service Champions Gold award. They achieved a score of 68 in a customer poll which is ran every year. It’s a poll in which the standard of customer service is rated by their customers.

Thomas Williams, CEO of Deutsche Hospitality said: “Our IntercityHotels are a friendly, time-saving and convenient option. Nevertheless, they also offer a high level of service quality and provide all the comfort guests would expect to find in an upper mid-segment hotel. For this reason, we are absolutely delighted to receive such an excellent placing in the ‘Service Champions Germany’ survey. This outcome represents a fantastic accolade for the commitment which our associates show every single day.”

The IntercityHotel is also available to be experienced solely digitally. Booking, along with services, check-in and check-out can be run totally via the mobile phone application the group run. The digital concierge that is utilised throughout the hotel provides information from top to bottom of the hotel. This includes the restaurant as well as sports activities. It also allows the user to access outside information such as public transport schedules.

The Service Champion Gold Awards were launched by a collective party of the analysis company Service Value GmbH, the Goethe University of Frankfurt am Main and finally the newspaper publishers Die Welt. Rankings for the prestigious award are produced by asking just under 2 million customers. They provide feedback on a total of 3,530 companies that operate across a whopping 353 sectors.

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