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Immigration plans could help Hospitality sector according to UKHospitality

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UKHospitality have high hopes for the Conservative proposals regarding the future immigration system in the UK.

Under proposal terms that were leaked in The Times, lower skilled workers would be allowed short term visas. This would be to allow extra help in sectors that are suffering shortages. Furthermore, the Migration Advisory Committee would be empowered to set visa numbers in the main sectors.

Regarding the plans, Chief Executive of UKHospitality, Kate Nicholls said:

“Confirmation that the aspiration remains a migration regime open to talent to meet the needs of the economy is welcome. We need more detail on how this will work in practice, though, if it is to be in place to start 2021.

“A fair and managed system at all salary and skilled levels, hand-in-hand with investment in skills and training, is a must. This will avoid exacerbating skills shortages, keep the economy at full strength and allow hospitality to continue its work boosting the domestic workforce.

“The next Government must ensure that the immigration system is evidence-led and values skills at all levels. An independent Migration Advisory Committee, which considers the entire range of issues around immigration, is essential for a successful post-Brexit immigration policy.”


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