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Goodwood hotel get approval for a revamp

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The Goodwood hotel near Chichester, West Sussex, has been authorised to increase their hotel by another 16 bedrooms, taking their total to 107 bedrooms.

Moving forward, development work will now begin after gaining approval from the South Downs National Park to increase the size of the hotel.

In addition to this substantial increase which will be headed up by architects 3D Reid, the hotel is also set to have a sincere transformation, which will feature references to the former historic walled garden that was formerly found on site. A brand new reception area will be launched as well.

The new work will feature the introduction of renewable energy sources including the new biomass boiler to run the all-new heating system at the hotel.

Andrew Coggins, from the Goodwood, “We are thrilled to be given the go-ahead to move forward with this exciting project and take the Goodwood hotel to the next level.”

The hotel will still be open during the redesign, with Coggings adding: “We wish to reassure our customers and members that the work will be carried out in planned phases to ensure minimum disruption.”