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On the eighth day of the Christmas countdown, Hospitality Live gives to you… Serene House!

Are you looking for that relaxed vibe this Christmas? Do you need to create the perfect atmosphere for your clients?

Serene House give you bespoke diffusers for your home or hotel to cleanse the air and give you that extra Christmassy feel!

Diffusers are a new technological revolution that cleanse air from excess amounts of bacteria, give you fresh air in your home, and giving you a wide variety of aromatherapy smells. These transforms your inner city hotel to an out in the country side experience.

serene house / hospitality live / hospitality news

The smells from the diffusers can be customised and they offer a huge range, from lavender to forest breeze. Serene House make sure that you get exactly what you want from your diffuser, transporting your senses to new location.

Serene Houses diffusers also offer another surprise. Not only do they please the senses of the nose, but they also entice the visual senses! Serene house make sure their products look great, have a nice smooth finish and also include lighting within their products.

serene house / hospitality live / hospitality news

If you are looking to create a welcoming atmosphere then look no further than Serene House and their wonderful diffusers.


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