On the seventh day of the Christmas countdown, Hospitality Live gives to you… iWoodesign!

Every room needs luxury items to excite your audience or make anywhere feel like a home, and this is where iWoodesign comes in!

iWoodesign offer luxury items for all areas of the household made out of natural, high end wood. These items look gorgeous and are not meant to just blend into the background of any room, they are a spotlight piece.

iWoodesign offer a huge range of luxurious products from laptop tables, photo cubes or their most popular – backgammon sets. This huge range is also customisable, you can choose what materials it is made out of and each of these materials have a different, unique look!

All of their sets are completely perfect for all scenarios! They are great to make a hotel room stand out, great for practical use at home, and perfect for high end Christmas gifts! Their products really target the high end market and the quality shows perfectly within their designs in the products.

These products really do resonate luxury within any environment, and they 150 wood designs to choose from in each product. The choice is yours but iWoodesign give that opportunity to make any room stand out!

Check Out iWoodesign’s profile on Hotel Suppliers to get your hands on these amazing products.


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