On the fifth day of the Christmas Countdown, Hospitality Live gives to you… Aircharge!

Everyone wants the newest and latest in technology, but not the hefty price-tag! What if you could kit out every room in your house with some of the newest, impressive kit with reasonable prices? My answer to you… Aircharge!

Aircharge are the leading supply in wireless charging technology – hence the name! Wireless charging has recently become a huge trend due to its easy to use nature. Wireless charging is also very beneficial to your devices, being healthier to your devices. Aircharge supply wireless charging to the masses at good prices!

Aircharge don’t do the normal bog standard wireless chargers, they put a spin on things and go one step further. Aircharge offer a range of products from wireless charging lamps, to wireless charging trays, to wireless chargers in built to tables! They have a solution to every need!

Aircharge have kitted out a ton of business ranging from restaurants – such as Mcdonalds, to hotel such as premier inn! Aircharge also integrate the charging with an app, so users of the app can see where the nearest, free to use wireless chargers are so wherever you are you can power up! The app also offers advertisement opportunities for their clients to really push your brand to the max.

Aircharges products really shout unique. Not only do they offer the huge range but are quite customisable. They offer an executive wireless charger that can be made with leather or glass in a range of colours!

If you want to take your business to the next level step up to wireless charging! Check out Aircharge’s profile on Hotel Suppliers to see more!


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