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“Alexa, what time is the pool open until?” – Alexa is coming to Hotels

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Amazon’s Alexa arrived within the hospitality industry last year at Marriott. It’s progressed admirably and is now prepared for arrival in your property.

It is a known fact that voice searching has become part of every day life, with 65 percent of 25-49 year olds using it once per day, and a considerable 55% of family houses expected to own one of the gadgets within the next three years. Modern day has moved towards voice search and the Alexa gadgets are the leading player within the sector.

So, we know what Alexa is – but how does it work within the hospitality industry?

Alexa was first found within the hospitality industry at the Marriott in mid 2018.

The gadget offers hotels and other properties the opportunity to set up customised versions of the echo products. The aim is for guests to be able to use the devices for anything that they may have picked the phone up to ask reception for – the ultimate digital concierge right in your room. For example, you can get room service or housekeeping, simply from your saying “Alexa…”

They aim to be able to allow Amazon account holders the ability to be able to log in to make their experience even more personal to the guest.

After such great feedback from the Marriott guests, Alexa for Hospitality has been welcomed into a variety of other establishments including Westin, Regis and Aloft hotels.

How it functions?

Alexa is a device controlled by the Internet of Things (IoT), it uses AI to provide an experience that is personal to the user. Within hotels, it will be connected via integration to the back-office systems, housekeeping and the front desk.

Although they will be situated individually within hotel guest rooms, hotel management will be able to control and configure the devices in one place; allowing updates adjust usage and analyse analytics on the devices across the building.

The system is very simple to use, install and activate – the device is muted and only becomes live when guests check into the room and activate it for use by addressing the device.

What’s next?

The idea of amazon devices in guest rooms is still in its outset, however early adopters are enjoying the concept and it certainly having a good effect on the visitor experience.

There is absolutely no doubt that Alexa for hotels and within the hospitality industry is set to be a big hit.


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