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A Lego Christmas at The Savoy in London

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Credit: The Savoy London

We are fast approaching the Christmas period, and The Savoy in London have certainly made that obvious. Rather than filling the lobby with tinsel and wreaths, they’ve opted for a different approach. A lego approach.

“The LEGO Group is the perfect partner for us”


The LEGO Group installed the festive displays across the hotel. For instance, they have decorated the famous sign on Savoy Court and in the Front Hall.

“With their motto ‘Only the best is good enough’, The LEGO Group is the perfect partner for us as we gear up to a festive season here at The Savoy that will delight and inspire both our grown-up and little guests alike,” Ian Kidd, Hotel Manager at The Savoy said in a statement. “We’ve been blown away by the incredible creativity and passion brought to the table by the LEGO brick designers so far and look forward to revealing the decorations for all to enjoy.”

Rebuild The World

As explained perfectly in a statement from the hotel, this partnership isn’t all about celebrating Christmas. The LEGO Group are currently running their biggest-ever global brand campaign, Rebuild the World. As a result of the campaign, The Savoy wanted to get on board and inspire people to be creative this new year.

“We are excited to be partnering with The Savoy for this festive celebration. As part of our Rebuild the World campaign, this partnership is designed to inspire people of all ages to unleash their creativity and explore the limitlessness of their imagination through play,” Nicola Morgan-Hulme, Senior Brand Relations Manager at The LEGO Group said in a statement.

Guests of The Savoy can expect to see phenomenal LEGO builds throughout the hotel. For example, a dragon Christmas tree, a sleigh and much more. In addition, guests can also build a decoration themselves. Thereafter they will be allowed to take a photo with their design and share it via the social media hashtag #BuildToGive.

LEGO have announced that that for every set shared with that hashtag, they will donate to a child in need.

LEGO / Hotel News / Hospitality News


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